act legal offers you the opportunity to gain experience and make a secondment for a few weeks in one of our European locations within the Lawyer Exchange Program. Dr. Nina Honstetter was with DA Lawyers | act legal Spain in Madrid for 4 weeks – we asked her about this after her return:

1. Why did you want to make a secondment?  

I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. Therefore, the secondment to a foreign partner law firm was a great opportunity for me to become familiar with a different working environment and to live in the beautiful capital of Spain for a few weeks. 

2. Why did you chose Madrid for your secondment?

I chose Madrid, because Madrid is a very exciting city with many cultural attractions such as art galeries and incredible restaurants – not to forget the Spanish tapas. Besides, I like the Spanish way of life and I appreciate the friendly and open-minded nature of Spanish people. But most of all I chose Madrid because of the excellent reputation of DA Lawyers act legal spain, with more than 50 lawyers and to get to know their way of working. Especially the labor law team of DA Lawyers integrated me perfectly and I enjoyed the very collegiate atmosphere.

3. In your opinion, what advantages does a secondment have? 

Nowadays we live and work in an international framework where it is important to know how to communicate and to collaborate with people from different parts of the world. Doing a secondment helps to develop these skills, to increase the professional network and to live a great personal adventure.

4. Was it as expected?

The secondment has met my expectations in all respects. Working in a foreign law office helps from a professional point of view to think out of the box and to widen the legal horizon. From a personal point of view it is great to get to know new colleagues and to to speak a foreign language in the everyday life for a while. Kindly enough, the DA Lawyers made it possible for me to attend weekly Spanish classes.

              I enjoyed the experience very much!